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2020.02.02 16:08

200202) Fly-by

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The first month of 2020 has already passed. It seems to be faster due to the holidays. As the coronavirus is spreading, avoid crowded places at the moment. On the first day of each month, I would like to provide a thorough evaluation of last month and make it an opportunity to reorient the laboratory.


"Where do you see yourself in 10 years?" I presented it at the New Year's seminar. Please ask this question yourself. This is because there is a difference between a life with a specific objective and a life without it. Even if the difference of 1% per day seems to be nothing, it can be more than 100 times after a year. (0.99 ^ 365 = 0.03, 1.01 ^ 365 = 37.8) Of course, you may be questionable about how you can try more after being tired of working hard.


So, what I want to emphasize again to our students in February is to take full advantage of the weekly report. One question I was asked frequently when I worked at the IAEA was "Who do you report to?" That means who is the leader of my team. In each organization, reporting is the basics of the basics. Many mentors also recommend that students should avoid the absence of weekly meetings with their advisor. Why?


First, it makes you stuck. No matter how much we study, we remain at our level in general. Researchers need someone to appreciate their research because they need to sharpen their logic through discussions with experts to reach the frontier of knowledge. Do not make any weekly reports just to show how hard you worked, but visit to share your own research. It is not a weekly report to evaluate your homework.


Second, it slows down your progress. We need to be driven in many ways. We may be self-motivated, but we also need to be recognized by others, sometimes we have to do it because of our duty, and we have to hurry due to deadlines. Just as the spacecraft must approach the planet to fly-by for additional force, do not avoid the weekly report and use it as your driving force. Out of sight, out of mind. If you don't show your research, we can't help you.


Finally, train your ability to report because you will enter the professional society later. If you think seriously about how to report effectively, you will avoid becoming a member or team leader who will bottleneck in between.


Reporting is communication for your success. In February, I hope your report is successful and productive. The door is always open for you.

Just step in.



Prof. Ho Jin Ryu