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Fuel Cycle Materials

Advanced Materials for the Nuclear Fuel Cycle

  • In addition to the structural materials for nuclear power reactors, there are many functional materials needed in the nuclear fuel cycle for the high performance and enhanced safety of the current nuclear energy systems. Also, the importance of the functional materials in the research and development of the future nuclear energy systems has grown continuously. In order to develop new functional materials for the advanced nuclear fuel cycle, various fabrication and processing technologies should be utilized. For example, neutron absorbers used for the long-term storage of spent fuel, nanostructured catalysts for passive hydrogen conversion, nanocomposite sorbents for volatile fission products capture, and waste forms for radioactive isotope immobilization can be future functional materials. For those applications, interdisciplinary knowledge on metals, ceramics, polymers and composites are necessary.
  • Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 514, pp. 84-89, February 2019
  • Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 514, pp. 40-49, February 2019