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International Conference

  • [44]

    Waseem, OA, Ryu, HJ, "Tungsten mesh reinforced high entropy alloy composites for fusion plasma facing materials", The 18th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials , Link Station Hall Aomori, JA, 2017.11.05

  • [43]

    Waseem, OA, Ryu, HJ, "Exploration of high entropy alloys by diffusion multiples", 2017 International Symposium on Innovative Process Design For Structural Materials , KO, 2017.08.24

  • [42]

    Waseem, OA, Auyeskan, U, Kim, JJ, Ryu, HJ, "Alloy design and mechanical properties of refractory high entropy alloys", XXVI International Materials Research Congress , Cancun, Mexico, MX, 2017.08.20

  • [41]

    Waseem, OA, Ryu, HJ, "Tungsten-based High Entropy Alloy Composites for Plasma Facing Applications", International Conference on Frontiers in Materials Processing, Applications, Research and Technology (FiMPART), Bordeaux convention centre, FR, 2017.07.09

  • [40]

    MISTARIHI QUSA, Ryu, HJ, Kim, Y, Yahya, S, "Fabrication of neutron absorber inserted oxide fuel pellet ", 12th Pacific Rim Conference on Ceramic and Glass Technology (PACRIM 12), Hilton Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, US, 2017.05.21

  • [39]

    Lee. TK, Park, J, Lee, J, Jo, I, Lee, SK, Hong, SH, Ryu, HJ, "Surface Modification Effects of B4C Tile on the Wettability, Interfacial Bonding, and Impact Resistance of B4C Tile/Aluminum Hybrid Composites?

  • [38]

    SURFCOAT KOREA 2017, 송도 컨벤시아 컨퍼런스룸, 인천, KO, 2017.03.29

  • [37]

    Waseem, OA, Hong, SH, Ryu, HJ, "High Throughput Exploration of High Entropy Alloys for High Temperature and Nuclear Applications via Diffusion Multiples", The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society Meeting 2017 (146th Annual Meeting & Exhibition), Marriott Marquis Marina, San Diego, US, 2017.02.26

  • [36]

    Sweidan, F, Ryu, HJ, Tahk, YW, Yim, JS, "Sensitivity Analysis on the Temperature of U–Mo/Al Plate-Type Dispersion Fuel", TMS2017, San Diego Convention Center, US, 2017.02.26

  • [35]

    Ryu, HJ, "Microstructure and fuel performance analysis of U-Mo dispersion fuel irradiated at HANARO (Invited)", The Nuclear Materials Conference, Montpellier Business School, FR, 2016.11.07

  • [34]

    Waseem, OA, Ryu, HJ, Kim, SS, Hong, SH, "The Synthesis and Analysis of WxTaTiVCr Alloy for High Temperature and Plasma Facing Applications", The Nuclear Materials Conference, Le Corum, Montpellier, FR, 2016.11.07

  • [33]

    Ryu, HJ, "Sintering and Mechanical Properties of P/M Refractory High Entropy Alloys (Invited)", 1st International Conference on High-Entropy Materials, Hsinchu, CH, 2016.11.06

  • [32]

    Mistarihi, Q, Ryu, HJ, "Fabrication of neutron absorber containing ceramic composite pellet", The 10th Asian-Australasian Conference on Composite Materials (ACCM-10), BEXCO (Busan) , KO, 2016.10.16

  • [31]

    Kang, BC, Kuk, SW, Lim, WJ, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Power Metallurgical Processing of Refractory High Entropy Alloys", PM2016 World Congress, Hamburg, GE, 2016.10.09, pp.24

  • [30]

    Kang, BC, Kuk, SW, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Fabrication of Refractory High Entropy Alloys by Spark Plasma Sintering", 9th Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing (PRICM9), Kyoto, JA, 2016.08.01

  • [29]

    Kang, BC, Ryu, HJ, Waseem, OA, Hong, SH, "Mechanical Properties of P/M Refractory High Entropy Alloys", Beyond Nickel-Based Superalloys II, Clare College, Cambridge, UK, UK, 2016.07.17

  • [28]

    Ryu, HJ, Mistarihi, Q, Lee, KH, Jeong, YJ, Jung, YH, Yoo, BO, Park, JM, "PIE Analysis of U-Mo/Al Dispersion Fuel with Different U-Mo Particle Sizes", RRFM 2016, Novotel Hotel Berlin Am Tiergarten, GE, 2016.03.13

  • [27]

    Sweidan, P, Ryu, HJ, Thak, YW, Yim, JS, "Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analyses on the Operating Temperature Evaluation of U-Mo/Al Dispersion Fuel", RRFM 2016, Novotel Hotel Berlin Am Tiergarten, GE, 2016.03.13

  • [26]

    Waseem, OA, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, Lee, J, Kim, SS, "Development of Tungsten Based High Entropy Alloys with Enhanced High Temperature Mechanical Properties (Invited)", KSTAR conference, Daejeon Convention Center, KO, 2016.02.24

  • [25]

    Ryu, HJ, Sweidan, F, Lim, WJ, "Formation of Silicide Coatings on Refractory Alloy  Substrates for Accident Resistant Nuclear Fuel Cladding", TMS 2016, Nashville, Tennessee, US, 2016.02.14

  • [24]

    Ryu, HJ, Baek, JK, Mistarihi, Q, Yeo, SH, Lee, YW, "A Study on the Diffusion of Volatile Fission Products in the Graphite Matrix of HTGR", TMS 2016, Nashville, Tennessee, US, 2016.02.14

  • [23]

    Park, JB, Lee, JH, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, Lee, SB, Lee, SK, "Effects of Surface Modification of SiC on the Wettability and Interfacial Bond Strength of SiC/Al Composites", IUMRS-ICAM 2015, ICC, Jeju, KO, 2015.10.25

  • [22]

    Kim, JH, Jun, KH, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Separation of Graphene Oxide Salting-out Process and its Application as Transparent Conductive Film", IUMRS-ICAM 2015, International Convention Center Jeju, KO, 2015.10.25

  • [21]

    Raj, V, Mistarihi, Q, Kim, JH, Hong, SH, Ryu, HJ, "Modeling and Characterization of ZrO2-Based Nanocomposites for Inert Matrix Fuel", PACRIM11, Jeju ICC, KO, 2015.08.30

  • [20]

    Lee, B, Lee, DJ, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Fabrication Process and Mechanical Properties of Boron Nitride Nanoplatelet Reinforced Si3N4 Nanocomposites", PACRIM11, International Convention Center, Jeju Island, KO, 2015.08.30

  • [19]

    Kim, YM, Lee, JH, Lee, DJ, Park, SJ, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Fabrication and Characterization of Powder Metallurgy Ti-6Al-4V Alloys Prepared by Unidirectional Die Compaction and Sintering", Ti-2015: The 13th World Conference on Titanium, San Diego, California , US, 2015.08.16

  • [18]

    Oh, JY, Jun, GH , Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Fabrication and Properties of CNT/Graphene/Elastomer Hybrid Nanocomposites for Flexible and Stretchable Conductor Application", 2015 MRS Spring Meeting & Exhibit, Moscone West Convention Center, San Francisco, US, 2015.04.06

  • [17]

    Mistarihi, Q, Ryu, HJ, "The effect of carbon addition on the thermal and mechanical properties of ZrO2 composites", Materials Challenges in Alternatives and renewable Energy 2015, 제주롯데호텔, KO, 2015.02.24

  • [16]

    Umer, MA, Mistarihi, Q, Kim, JH, Hong, SH, Ryu, HJ, "Fabrication and Properties of Carbon Network Reinforced Composite Fuel", Water Reactor Fuel Performance Meeting 2014, Sendai international Center, Sendai, JA, 2014.09.14

  • [15]

    Ryu, HJ, Kim, JH, Hong, SH, "Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Metallic Network Reinforced Oxide-based Composite Fuel", 2014 Annual Meeting on Transactions of the American Nuclear Society and Embedded Topical Meeting: Nuclear Fuels and Structural Materials for the Next Generation Nuclear Reactors, NSFM 2014, Reno, Nevada, US, 2014.06.15, vol.110, pp.834~836

  • [14]

    Ryu, HJ, Seo, CG, Adelfang, P, "Preliminary analysis of the impact of fuel density on the research reactor fuel cycle", the European Research Reactor Conference, RRFM 2014, Ljubljana, SV, 2014.03.30, pp.38~43

  • [13]

    Kim, YS, Park, JM, Lee, KH, Yoo, BO, Ryu, HJ, "Post-irradiation Analysis of U-silicide or U-nitride Coated U-7Mo/Al Dispersion Fuel", the European Research Reactor Conference, RRFM 2014, Ljubljana, SV, 2014.03.30, pp.142~148

  • [12]

    Ryu, HJ, Kim, YS, Yacout, AM, Hofman, GL, "THERMAL CREEP CORRELATIONS OF FERRITIC/MARTENSITIC STEELS FOR ADVANCED NUCLEAR REACTORS", The Sixth Pacific Rim International Conference on Advanced Materials and Processing, KO, 2007.11.05

  • [11]

    Ryu, HJ, Song, KC, Park, HS, "Status of Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options and Spent Fuel Management in Korea", Meeting of Technical Working Group on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Options and Spent Fuel Management, AU, 2007.10.09

  • [10]

    Ryu, HJ, Kim, YS, Hofman, GL, Rest, J., Park, JM, Kim, CK, "Radiation induced Recrystallization of UMo Fuel Particles and Radiation induced Amorphization of Interaction Products in UMo/Al Dispersion Fuel", The 3rd International Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth, KO, 2007.06.10

  • [9]


  • [8]

    Ryu, HJ, Kim, YS, Yacout, A , Hofman, GL , "Review of HT-9 Cladding Creep Correlations for Advanced Liquid Metal Fast Reactors", ANS 2006 Annual Meeting, US, 2006.06.04

  • [7]

    Ryu, HJ, Park, JM, Kim, CK, Kim, YS, Hofman, GL , "Diffusion Reaction Behaviors of U-Mo/Al Dispersion Fuel", TMS-2006 Annual Meeting, US, 2006.03.12

  • [6]

    PIE of the 2nd Irradiation Test for Atomized U-Mo Dispersion Rod Fuels in KAERI", RERTR, AU, 2004.11.07

  • [5]

    An Investigation on the Irradiation Behavior of Atomized U-Mo/Al Dispersion Rod Fuels", RERTR, AU, 2004.11.07

  • [4]

    Diffusion Coefficients of Fission Gases in Thoria Urania and Simfuel Pellets", ANS & ENS, Orlando, US, 2004.09

  • [3]

    Assessment of the DUPIC Fuel Performance for the In Core Fuel Management Strategy", ANS, US, 2004.06

  • [2]

    Ryu, HJ, "Effect of Thermal and Mechanical Properties of the DUPIC Fuel on the Pellet Cladding Mechanical Interinaction", OECD NEA, US, 2004.03

  • [1]

    Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Analysis on the Load Trasfer Efficiencies of Whisker and Particulate Reinforcements in Metal Matrix Composite", 4th Int. Conf. on Advances in Materials and Processing Tech., Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MY, 1998.08.24, pp.592~597