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  • [135]

    Daeho Yun, Hobyung Chae, Taegyu Lee, Dong-Hyun Lee, Ho Jin Ryu*, Rajarshi Banerjee*, Stefanus Harjo, Takuro Kawasaki, and Soo Yeol Lee*

    Stress partitioning in Al0.7CoCrFeNi eutectic high entropy alloy
    Journal of Alloys and Compounds,
    Available online 31 May 2022, 165673

  • [134]

    Jaejoon Kim, Hyun Woo Sung, Ho Jin Ryu*

    First Principles Calculations of Cohesive Energy of Fission-Product-Segregated Grain Boundary of UO2

    Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 566, 1 August 2022, 153780

  • [133]

    Muhammad Akmal, Hyun Woo Sung, Ho Jin Ryu*

    Mo and Ta Addition in NbTiZr Medium Entropy Alloy to Overcome Tensile Yield Strength-Ductility Trade-off    
    Journal of Materials Science and TechnologyVolume 109, 20 May 2022, Pages 176-185 (Impact Factor 8.076)

  • [132]

    Nayoung Kim, Wonseok Yang, James Amphlett, Dokyu Kang, Yunu Lee, Jae Joon Kim, Ho Jin Ryu, Sungyeol Choi*

    Surface decontamination of protective duplex oxide layers on stainless steel waste using deep eutectic solvents

    Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 425, 5 March 2022, 128000 (Impact Factor: 10.588)


  • [131]

    Sujeong Lee, Muhmood ul Hassan, Ho Jin Ryu*

    Dual Functional Amorphous Aluminosilicate Sorbents for Removing and Cold-Immobilizing Cesium/Cobalt/Nickel-Ions

    Sustainable Materials and Technologies, 30 (2021) e00356 (Impact Factor: 7.053)

  • [130]

    P. Veluswamy*, S. Subramanian, Muhmood ul Hassan, C.T. Yavuz, H.J. Ryu and B.J. Cho* 

    Design of low cost, scalable, and high-performance TiS2 thermoelectric materials via wet ball-milling process. 

    J Mater Sci: Mater Electron (2021). 09 September 2021


  • [129]

    Sajid Iqbal*, Muhammad Younas*, Muhmood ul Hassan, Ho Jin Ryu, Mohsin Ali Raza Anjum, M Arshad Farhan, Muhammad Nadeem, Jong-Il Yun*

    Electronic, electrical and dielectric analysis of Cr-doped hydroxyapatite

    Chemical Physics Letters, Volume 771, 16 May 2021, 138507

  • [128]

    Muhammad Akmal, Hyung-Ki Park, Ho Jin Ryu*

    Plasma spheroidized MoNbTaTiZr high entropy alloy shows improved plasticity

    Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 273, 15 November 2021, 125060

  • [127]

    Byungchul Kang, Taeyeong Kong, Nguyen Huy Dan, Doan Dinh Phuong Ho Jin Ryu*, Soon Hyung Hong*

    Effect of boron addition to microstructure and mechanical properties of refractory Al0.1CrNbVMo high-entropy alloy

    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, Volume 100, November 2021, 105636

  • [126]

    Omar S. Al-Yahi, Sujeong Lee, Ho Jin Ryu, Ho Joon Yoon*, 

    The feasibility study on development of porous ceramic composites for ion-exchanger

    Nuclear Engineering and Design, Vol. 381, 111329, September 1, 2021

  • [125]

    Barton Mensah Arkhurst, Jee Hwan Bae, Min Young Na, Hye Jung Chang, Hyun Gil Kim, Il Hyun Kim Ho Jin Ryu, Jeoung Han Kim* 

    Effect of tellurium on the microstructure and mechanical properties of Fe-14Cr oxide-dispersion-strengthened steels produced by additive manufacturing 

    Journal of Materials Science & Technology, Volume 95, 30 December 2021, Pages 114-126 (Impact Factor: 8.067)

  • [124]

    Qusai Mistarihi and Ho Jin Ryu*

    Finite-Element Simulation of Residual Stresses During the Processing of Lumped Burnable Absorber Fuel

    Frontiers in Energy Research, 19 March, 2021

  • [123]

    Muhmood ul Hassan, Muhammad Akmal, Ho Jin Ryu*

    Cold Sintering of As-dried Nanostructured Calcium Hydroxyapatite Without Using Additive  

    Journal of Materials Research and Technology, Volume 11,  Pages 811-822, March–April 2021

  • [122]

    Owais A Waseem and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Helium ions irradiation analysis of W0.5(TaTiVCr)0.5 for application as a future fusion plasma-facing material"

    Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 260, 15 February 2021, 124198

  • [121]

    Muhammad Akmal, Muhmood ul Hassan, Muhammad Afzal, Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Novel Approach to Sintering Hydroxyapatite-Alumina Nanocomposites at 300 °C"

    Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 260, 15 February 2021, 124187


  • [120]

    Seung Hyeok Chung, Bin Lee, Sooyeol Lee (CNU), Changwoo Do (ORNL), Ho Jin Ryu*,

    "The effects of Y pre-alloying on the in-situ dispersoids of ODS CoCrFeMniNi High-Entropy Alloy"   

    Journal of Materials Science & Technology, Volume 85, Pages 62-75, 20 Sep. 2021 (Impact Factor: 8.067)

  • [119]

    Faris Sweidan and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Kinetic Monte Carlo Simulations of the Sintering Microstructural Evolution in Density Graded Stainless Steel Fabricated by SPS"

    Materials Today Communications, Volume 26, 101863, March 2021

  • [118]

    Muhammad Akmal, Ahtesham Hussain, Muhammad Afzal, Young Ik Lee , Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Systematic Study of (MoTa)xNbTiZr Medium and High Entropy Alloys for Biomedical Implants- In Vivo Biocompatibility Examination"   

    Journal of Materials Science and Technology, Volume 78, 10 July 2021, Pages 183-191 (Impact Factor: 8.067)

  • [117]

    Byungchul Kang, Taeyeong Kong, Ho Jin Ryu* and Soon Hyung Hong*

    "Superior mechanical properties and strengthening mechanisms of lightweight AlxCrNbVMo refractory high-entropy alloys (x = 0, 0.5, 1.0) fabricated by the powder metallurgy process"

    Journal of Materials Science & Technology, Volume 69, Pages 32-41, 10 April 2021 (Impact Factor: 8.067)


  • [116]

    Muhmood ul Hassan, Sujeong Lee, Muhammad Taqi Mehran, Faisal Shahzad, Syed M. Husnain, Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Post-decontaminatin treatment of MXene after adsorbing Cs from contaminated water with the enhanced thermal stability to form a stable radioactive waste matrix"

    Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol.543, 152566, Jan. 2021  

  • [115]

    O.A. Waseem* (MIT), Kevin B. Woller (MIT), F.B.Sweidan, H.J.Ryu

    "Effects of F3+ ion implantation on the properties of W and W0.5(TaTiVCr)0.5 for depth marker-based plasma erosion analysis"

    Nuclear Materials and Energy, Volume 25, 100806, December 2020

  • [114]

    Taeyeong Kong, Byungcheol Kang, Ho Jin Ryu, Soon Hyung Hong

    "Microstructures and enhanced mechanical properties of an oxide dispersion-strengthened Ni-rich high entropy superalloy fabricated by a powder metallurgical process"

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 839, 155724, 25 Oct. 2020

  • [113]

    Owais A. Waseem, Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Combinatorial development of the low-density high-entropy alloy Al10Cr20Mo20Nb20Ti20Zr10 having gigapascal strength at 1000 "

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 845, 10 Dec. 2020, 155700

  • [112]

    Sung ChanYoo, Joonhui Kim, Wonki Lee, Jun Yeon Hwang, Ho Jin Ryu*, Soon Hyung Hong*

    “Enhanced mechanical properties of boron nitride nanosheet/copper nanocomposites via a molecular-level mixing process”

    Composites Part B, Volume 195, 15 August 2020, 108088 (Impact Factor: 9.078)

  • [111]

    Faris B. Sweidan and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "One-step functionally graded materials fabrication using ultra-large temperature gradients obtained through finite element analysis of field-assisted sintering technique"

    Materials & Design, Volume 192, July 2020, 108714 (Impact Factor: 7.991)

  • [110]

    Owais A. Waseem and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "W0.5TaTiVCr-based composite reinforced with W-mesh for fusion plasma-facing applications"

    Functional Composites and Structures, Volume 2, 10 March, 2020, 015004

  • [109]

    Taegyu Lee, Junho Lee, Donghyun Lee, Ilguk Jo, Sang Kwan Lee, Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Effects of particle size and surface modification of SiC on the wear behavior of high volume fraction Al/SiCp composites"

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 831, 5 August, 2020, 154647

  • [108]

    Jae Joon Kim, Hyun Gil Kim, Ho Jin Ryu*

    "High-temperature oxidation behaviors of ZrSi2 and its coating on the surface of Zircaloy-4 tube by 3D laser printing"

    Nuclear Engineering and Technology, Vol. 52, September 2020, Pages 2054-2063

  • [107]

    Owais A. Waseem and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Combinatorial synthesis and analysis of AlxTayVz-Cr20Mo20Nb20Ti20Zr10 and Al10CrMoxNbTiZr10 refractory high-entropy alloys: Oxidation behavior"

    Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Volume 828, 5 July 2020, 154427

  • [106]

    Faris Sweidan, Dong H. Kim, Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Minimization of sample temperature deviation and the effect of current during high-temperature compressive creep testing by spark plasma sintering apparatus Materialia"

    Materialia, Vol. 9, 2020, 100200

  • [105]

    Muhmood ul Hassan, Suriya Venkatesan, Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Non-volatile Immobilization of Iodine by the Cold-sintering of Iodosodalite"

    Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol. 386,  15 Mar. 2020, 121646 (Impact Factor: 10.588)

  • [104]

    Byungchul Kang, Taeyeong Kong, Ho Jin Ryu*, Soon Hyung Hong*
    "The outstanding tensile strength of Ni-rich high entropy superalloys fabricated by powder metallurgical process"
    Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 235, 1 September 2019, 121749

  • [103]

    Sajid Iqbal, Muhmood ul Hassan, Ho Jin Ryu*, Jong-Il Yun*

    "Efficient immobilization of ionic corrosion products by a silica-hydroxyapatite composite via a cold sintering route"

    RSC Advances,  Volume 9, Pages 34872-34879, 2019

  • [102]

    Ahmad Raza, Syed Abdulahad, Byungchul Kang, Ho Jin Ryu*, Soon H. Hong*

    "Corrosion resistance of weight reduced AlxCrFeMoV high entropy alloys"

    Applied Surface Science, Volume 485, Pages 368-374, 2019

  • [101]

    Muhmood ul Hassan, Sajid Iqbal, Jong-il Yun* and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Immobilization of radioactive corrosion products by cold sintering of pure hydroxyapatite"

    Journal of Hazardous Materials, Volume 374, Pages 228-237, 15 July, 2019

  • [100]

    B. Kang, T. Kong, A. Raza, H.J.Ryu* and S.H.Hong*

    "Fabrication, microstructure and mechanical property of a novel Nb-rich refractory high-entropy alloy strengthened by in-situ formation of dispersoids"

    International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, Volume 81, Pages 15-20, 2019


  • [99]

    Owais Ahmed Waseem, and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Toughening of a low-activation tungsten alloy using tungsten short fibers and particle reinforcement for fusion plasma-facing applications"

    Nuclear Fusion, Volume 59, Number 2, 026007, Feb. 2019

  • [98]

    Muhmood ul Hassan and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Cold sintering and durability of iodate-substituted calcium hydroxyapatite (IO-HAp) for the immobilization of radioiodine."

    Journal of Nuclear Materials, Volume 514, Pages 84-89, February 2019

  • [97]

    Suriya Venkatesan, Muhmood ul Hassan, and Ho Jin Ryu*

    "Adsorption and immobilization of radioactive ionic-corrosion-products using magnetic hydroxyapatite and cold-sintering for nuclear waste management applications."

    Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 514, pp. 40-49, February 2019

  • [96]

    Bharat Gwalani, Rizaldy M. Pohan, Owais Ahmed Waseem, Talukder Alam, Soon Hyung Hong, Ho Jin Ryu*, Rajarshi Banerjee*,

    "Strengthening of Al0.3CoCrFeMnNi-based ODS high entropy alloys with incremental changes in the concentration of Y2O3",

    Scripta Materialia, Volume 162, Pages 477-481, 15 March 2019

  • [95]

    Sung Chan Yoo, Yoon Kyung Park, Changsik Park, Hojin Ryu*, and Soon Hyung Hong*.

    "Biomimetic Artificial Nacre: Boron Nitride Nanosheets/Gelatin Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications."

    Advanced Functional Materials , Volume 28, Issue 51, 1805948, Dec. 19. 2018


  • [94]

    Bharat Gwalani, Rizaldy M. Pohan, Junho Lee, Bin Lee, Rajarshi Banerjee, Ho Jin Ryu*, Soon Hyung Hong*,

    "High -entropy alloy strengthened by in situ formation of entropy=-stabilized nano-dispersoids",

    Scientific Reports, Vol. 8, 14085, September 2018

  • [93]

    Qusai Mistarihi, Jun-teak Hwang, Ho Jin Ryu,

    "The modeling and simulation of the thermal conductivity of irradiated U-Mo dispersion fuel: Estimation of the thermal conductivity of the interaction layer",

    Journal of Nuclear Materials, Vol. 510,  pp.199-209, Nov. 2018

  • [92]

    Ahmad Raza, Ho Jin Ryu, Soon Hyung Hong,

    "Strength enhancement and density reduction by the addition of Al in CrFeMoV based high-entropy alloy fabricated through powder metallurgy",

    MATERIALS AND DESIGN, Vol. 157, pp. 97-104, 2018

  • [91]

    Owais Ahmed Waseem, Ulanbek Auyeskhan, Hyuck Mo Lee, Ho Jin Ryu,

    "A combinatorial approach for the synthesis and analysis of AlCrMoNbTiZr high-entropy alloys: Oxidation behavior",

    JOURNAL OF MATERIALS RESEARCH, Vol. 33, pp.3226-3234, Oct. 2018

  • [90]

    Kang, B, Lee, J, Ryu, Ho Jin, Hong, SH,

    "Microstructure, mechanical property and Hall-Petch relationship of a light-weight refractory Al0.1CrNbVMo high entropy alloy fabricated by powder metallurgical process",

    JOURNAL OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS, Vol. 767, pp.1012-1021, 2018 

  • [89]

    Sweidan, F, Tahk Y.-W., Yim J.-S., Ryu, Ho Jin,

    "Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses for fuel temperature evaluations of U-Mo/Al plate-type dispersion fuel",

    ANNALS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY, vol.120, pp.581~592, 2018.10

  • [88]

    Sajid Iqbal, MUHMOOD UL, Ryu Ho Jin, Yun, J.-I.,

    "Environmentally benign and novel management route of radioactive corrosion products by hydroxyapatite",

    JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, vol.507, pp.218~225, 2018.08

  • [87]

    Waseem Owais Ahmed, Lee Junho, Lee HyuckMo, Ryu Ho Jin,

    "The effect of Ti on the sintering and mechanical properties of refractory high-entropy alloy TixWTaVCr fabricated via spark plasma sintering for fusion plasma-facing materials"


  • [86]

    Raza Ahmad, KANG BYUNG CHUL, Lee Junho, Ryu Ho Jin, Hong Soon Hyung, 

    "Transition in microstructural and mechanical behavior by reduction of sigma-forming element content in a novel high entropy alloy"

    MATERIALS AND DESIGN, 145, (2018), 11-19

  • [85]

    Lee Junho, Lee Dongju, Song Myung Hoon, Rhee Wonhyuk, Ryu Ho Jin, Hong Soon Hyung,

    "In-situ synthesis of TiC/Fe alloy composites with high strength and hardness by reactive sintering"

    JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, Vol. 34, Aug. 2018, pp. 1397-1404


  • [84]

    Mistarihi, Q, Park, W, Ryu, HJ, Kim, Y, Nam, K,

    "Fabrication of oxide pellets containing lumped Gd2O3 using Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 for burnable absorber fuel applications",

    INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENERGY RESEARCH, Vol. 42, May 2018, pp 2141-2151.


  • [83]

    Pohan, R.M., Gwalani, B., Lee, J., Alam, T., Hwang, J.Y., Ryu, HJ, Baneriee, R., Hong, SH,

    "Microstructures and mechanical properties of mechanically alloyed and spark plasma sintered Al0.3CoCrFeMnNi high entropy alloy",

    MATERIALS CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS, vol.210, pp.62~70, 2018.05; DOI(http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.matchemphys.2017.09.013)

  • [82]

    Kang, B, Lee, J, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH,

    "Ultra-high strength WNbMoTaV high-entropy alloys with fine grain structure fabricated by powder metallurgical process",

    MATERIALS SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING A, vol.712, pp.616~624, 2018.01

  • [81]

    Lee, B, Park, N, Kang, KS, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH,

    "Enhanced Capacitive Deionization by Dispersion of CNTs in Activated Carbon Electrode",

    ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, vol.6, no.2, pp.1572~1579, 2018.02

  • [80]

    Q.M.Mistarihi, V. Raj, J.H.Kim, H.J.Ryu*,

    "Thermal conductivity of Mo-reinforced ZrO2 composites fabricated by spark plasma sintering for inert matrix fuels", 

    Materials & Design, Volume 134, 15 November 2017, Pages 476–485 

  • [79]

    X Iltis, I Zacharie-Aubrun, HJ Ryu, JM Park, A Leenaers, AM Yacout, DD Keiser, F Vanni, B Stepnik, T Blay, N Tarisien, C Tanguy, H Palancher*,

    "Microstructure of as atomized and annealed U-Mo7 particles: A SEM/EBSD study of grain growth", 

    J. Nuclear Materials, Vol. 495, pp. 249-266, 2017

  • [78]

    Jung, C, Lee, C, Bang, K, Lim, J, Lee, H, Ryu, HJ, Cho, EA, Lee, HM,

    "Synthesis of Chemically Ordered Pt3Fe/C Intermetallic Electrocatalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reaction with Enhanced Activity and Durability via a Removable Carbon Coating",

    ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, vol.9, no.37, pp.31806~31815, 2017.09

  • [77]

    Cha, J, Jun, GH, Park, JK, Kim, JC, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "Improvement of modulus, strength and fracture toughness of CNT/Epoxy nanocomposites through the functionalization of carbon nanotubes", Composite Part B:Engineering, vol.129, pp.169~179, 2017.07; DOI(http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.compositesb.2017.07.070)

  • [76]

    H.J. Im, G.H. Jun, D.J. Lee, H. J. Ryu*, S.H. Hong*, "Enhanced electromagnetic interference shielding behavior of graphene nanoplatelet/Ni/Wax nanocomposites." Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol. 5, 2017, pp. 6471-6479

  • [75]

    Jae Young Oh, Dongju Lee, Gwang Hoon Jun, Ho Jin Ryu*, Soon Hyung Hong*, "High conductivity and stretchability of 3D welded silver nanowire filled graphene aerogel hybrid nanocomposites" Journal of Materials Chemistry CVol. 5, 2017, pp. 8211-8218

  • [74]

    Owais Waseem, Ho Jin Ryu*, "Powder Metallurgy Procesing of a WxTaTiVCr High-Entropy Alloy and Its Derivative Alloys for Fusion Material Applications", Scientific Report, 2017 May 16, Vol. 7: 1926 ; DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-02168-3 

  • [73]

    Lee, J, Lee, D, Song, MH, Rhee, W, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, "In-situ synthesis of TiC/Fe alloy composites with high strength and hardness by reactive sintering", JOURNAL OF MATERIALS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, Accepted, 2017;



  • [72]

    Gwalani, B, Choudhuri, D, Soni, V, Ren, Y, Styles, M, Hwang, JY, Nam, SJ, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, Banerjee, R, "Cu assisted stabilization and nucleation of L1(2) precipitates in Al0.3CuFeCrNi2 fcc-based high entropy alloy", ACTA MATERIALIA, vol.129, pp.170~182, 2017.05; DOI(http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.actamat.2017.02.053)

  • [71]

    Jongbok Park, Junho Lee, ... ,H.J.Ryu*, S.H.Hong*, "Surface modification effects of SiC tile on the wettability and interfacial bond strength of SiC tile/Al7075-SiCp hybrid" Surface and Coatings Technology, Vol. 307, Pages 399-406, December 15, 2016 ; http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.surfcoat.2016.09.016

  • [70]

    McKeown, JT, Hsiung, LL, Park, JM, Ryu, HJ, Turchi, PEA, King, WE, "Size-dependent microstructures in rapidly solidified uranium-niobium powder particles", JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MATERIALS, vol.479, pp.1~10, 2016.10; DOI(http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jnucmat.2016.06.023)

  • [69]

    Gwalani, B, Soni, V, Choudhuri, D, Lee, M, Hwang, JY, Nam, SJ, Ryu, HJ, Hong, SH, Banerjee, R, "Stability of Ordered L12 and B2 Precipitates in Face Centered Cubic Based High Entropy Alloys- Al0.3CoFeCrNi and Al0.3CuFeCrNi2", Scripta Materialia, Vol. 123, Pages 130-134, October 2016 ; doi:10.1016/j.scriptamat.2016.06.019

  • [68]

    Youngmoo Kim, Junho Lee, Bin Lee, HoJin Ryu*, and Soon Hyung Hong* "Dilatometric analysis and microstructural investigation of the sintering mechanisms of blended elemental Ti-6Al-4V powders" Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A47(9), 4616-4624, June 15, 2016 ; http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11661-016-3607-3 ; 10.1007/s11661-016-3607-3 

  • [67]

    Bin Lee, D. Lee, J.H.Lee, H.J.Ryu*, S.H.Hong*, "Enhancement of toughness and wear resistance in boron nitride nanoplatelet (BNNP) reinforced Si3N4 nanocomposites" Scientific Report, 2016 Jun 8;6:27609. doi: 10.1038/srep27609 ;http://www.nature.com/articles/srep27609 

  • [66]

    Owais A. Waseem, Ho Jin Ryu*, Chapter title: Tungsten-based Composites for Nuclear Fusion Applications, Book title: "Nuclear Material Performance", book edited by Rehab O. Abdel Rahman and Hosam El-Din Mostafa Saleh, ISBN 978-953-51-2448-1, Print ISBN 978-953-51-2447-4, Published: June 27, 2016. InTech,  Available from: http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/tungsten-based-composites-for-nuclear-fusion-applications

  • [65]

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  • [64]

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  • [63]

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  • [62]

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  • [61]

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  • [60]

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  • [59]

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  • [58]

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  • [57]

    Qusai Mistarihi, Malik A. Umer, S.H.Hong, H.J. Ryu, "Fabrication of ZrO2-based Nanocomposites for TRU-burning Inert Matrix Fuel", Nuclear Engineering and TechnologyVol. 47, pp. 617-623, Aug. 2015;


  • [56]

    D.J.Lee, B.Lee, K.H.Park, H.J.Ryu, S.W.Jeon, S.H.Hong, "Scalable Exfoliation Process for Highly Soluble Boron Nitride Nanosheets by Hydroxide-assisted Ball Milling", Nano Letters, Volume 15(2), Page 1238-1244,  Jan. 2015 ;  http://pubs.acs.org/doi/pdf/10.1021/nl504397h 

  • [55]

    Seoungwoo Kuk, Jin Yu, Ho Jin Ryu, "Stationary self-propagation combustion with varying total numbers of bilayers in compression-bonded Ni sputtered Al foil multilayers", J. Alloys and Compounds, Volume 626, Page 16-19, March 2015 ; doi:10.1016/j.jallcom.2014.11.164 

  • [54]

    H.J. Ryu, Y.J.Jeong, J.M.Nam, J.M.Park, "Metallurgical considerations for the fabrication of low-enriched uranium dispersion targets with a high uranium density for Mo-99 production", J. Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Volume 305, Page 31-39, 2015 ; http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs10967-014-3838-y; doi:10.1007/s10967-014-3838-y


  • [53]

    Seoungwoo Kuk, Ho Jin Ryu, Jin Yu, "Self-propagation combustion behavior with varying Al/Ni ratios in compression-bonded Ni sputtered Al foil multilayers", Metallurgical and Materials Transaction A, Volume 45, Issue 12, Pages 5691-5698, 14 Aug. 2014 ; http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11661-014-2485-9

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